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If you're serious about losing weight, we all know exercise is vital. But something that many people neglect is the right food intake. That amazing personal training session or kickfit class is less effective if you're not fueling your body properly. There's no fad diets or magic tricks necessary, you just need to eat clean and avoid fatty, unhealthy food as much as possible. So here you will find Kickass approved recipes, to aid your weightloss or muscle building needs. Keep checking back as new ones will be added all the time!

  • Correct Nutrition
  • Vital for achieving your goals!
  • Get awesome advice and what and when to eat.
  • Abs are made in the kitchen!
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Strawberry and banana smoothie

A perfect post-wokout refresher

We all feel the temptation after a hot workout for an alcoholic beverage occasionally! But that will dehydrate you further and stunt your progress. Instead do this...

Blend all the ingredients in smoothie maker/blender until smooth and pour into glass then Enjoy.. ×

Blueberry and Honey Porridge

Porridge The healthy way...

Porridge comes in many forms but don't be seduced by all of the prepacked, pre flavoured, pre loaded with unnecessary fat creating sugars!! Follow the below ingredients to make a delicious and healthy breakfast that will satisfy you until your next meal and avoid the sugar bloat.


Poached eggs on toast

Eggs are a fantastic food which are a good source of.. Protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 and Iodine. As nice as these would taste on some doughy, freshly cooked French stick they can taste just as good on a slice of wholemeal toast with some tomatoes and onions and will half your calorie and sugar in take..

Voila! poached egg the bikini bod way... ×

Baked sweet potato

A jacket potato is a fantastic lunch option which will keep you fuelled for a long time. But have you considered a sweet potato in place of the traditional white, baking variety?
Sweet Potatoes are great and feature lower on the glycemic Index (What is that you ask?? It is how quick that type of food will convert to sugar). The slower this happens the better it is for you. So a food which features lower on the index, the better that food is for you for you...
You can bake a sweet potato just as you would an ordinary potato and toppings wise the beauty is they taste pretty amazing on their own but try a bit of salsa as this is very low on calories and compliments the sweetness of this food perfectly..